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Our Workwear Basic Sweatshirt, the epitome of durability and comfort in the world of professional attire. Crafted from robust materials, this sweatshirt is designed to withstand the demands of your work environment while keeping you cozy throughout the day. With its classic crewneck design and a selection of professional colors, this sweatshirt seamlessly bridges the gap between practicality and style.Easy to maintain and built to last, our Workwear Basic Sweatshirt is machine-washable, guaranteeing long-term use without sacrificing quality. It's suitable for all genders, making it the ideal choice for any work setting, from construction sites to workshops and beyond. Elevate your workwear with this timeless classic, a must-have for those who demand both functionality and fashion in their professional attire.

-2 thread sweatshirt
-Ribbed sleeves and hem
-100% Cotton/290 gr/m2
-Relaxed Fit
-Easy Care